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Friday 5+1 (5 Things I Love + 1 Thing I Don't)

Happy Friday!

We're wrapping up the first full week of school and suffice to say, we're all tired.  The puppy doesn't help matters either, and I should say that Murphy is making a lot of progress.  But I'm still looking into obedience training so that we can get him off on the right foot paw.

Let's get started on this week's 5+1, shall we?  This post contains some affiliate links.

Nail Polish for Fall
I think that the fall months are the only time where I really get excited about nail polish colors.  I love all of the different shades of gray, taupe and deep moody blues that are on the market, and OPI always has great names for their colors, which makes it even more fun.  I wonder how you get that job?

These OPI grays are perfect for cooler months.

And I love this Roadhouse Blue shade.

If you're feeling indecisive, you can always get a full fall collection of colors.

Weather Tech Mats
I know that these are hardly exciting or even pretty, but I have wanted them ever since I saw them in my friend's van.  These Weather Tech Mats would be lifesavers in the winter months, when the kids are trekking their dirty, snowy feet in my car.  They are molded to fit the specific measurements of your car, thus saving your floor mats from complete ruin. These are on my holiday wish list.

Think of these for yourself, or even for your husband.  I don't know about you, but my husband is practically impossible to buy for, when it comes to gifts.  These are great in that regard - sometimes functional and practical wins the race.

Copper Mugs (for Moscow Mules)
I have heard from several people now about how amazing a Moscow Mule is.  If you don't know what it is, it's a drink that contains ginger beer, vodka and lime, and is served in a copper mug that's supposed to keep it nice and cold.  I have all of the ingredients for a Moscow Mule, but am missing the copper mugs!  If this is the reason I need to justify copper mugs, than so be it, because they're pretty.

Something like this will do the trick.

Or these, if you prefer to have mugs that aren't "hammered".  Drinking from "hammered" mugs just seems to be setting the night up for trouble from the start, doesn't it?  Why risk it?
Mobile Car Detailing
Now, I'm not one to get my car detailed on a regular basis (perhaps I should), but we recently sold my minivan, and since it was a disgusting mess, I figured I could, at the very least, get it professionally cleaned.  We are lucky to have a highly praised mobile car detailer in our area - Starwash Mobile Detailing, so I gave him a call, and was blown away at how fantastic my van looked when he finished.  It was like it got a new lease on life.

But the best part was that they came to my house to do the work.  No trying to schedule a drop-off to a car wash and then being stuck without a car.  SO convenient, which is definitely a priority for me.  And his prices were competitive as well.  If anything, I think he should be charging more, since they save so much time and hassle.  If you're in the market, see if you can find one in your area.  If you're in the Dayton/Cincinnati area, give StarWash Mobile Detailing a call - I can't say enough about their quality and service.

More Bad Lip Reading
I've shared a Bad Lip Reading video before, but there is a new one that is worth watching if you missed it.  It's from the Republican debates.  Funny.  Click here to watch, or you can click below.  I dare you not to laugh.

My +1 for the week is about my iPhone, and needing to update the iOS.  However, I'm low on space, so I can't update it.  I have a ton of photos and set it up to go to the iCloud, but since my iOS isn't updated, I can't login to the cloud on my computer.  Which means I can't free up space to updating my iOS...  I even tried plugging the phone into my computer, but, you guessed it, since my iOS isn't updated, the computer doesn't recognize my phone.

I think Apple has little gremlins behind a curtain just toying with me, hoping I'll cave and just buy a new phone.  Their plan may be successful at this rate.  My old eyes need a bigger screen anyway...

Have a fantastic weekend!


Pottery Barn's Seasonal Colors for 2015: My Favorite Five Palettes


Even though summer-like temps are supposed to make a comeback this weekend, this week has felt very much like fall has arrived.  So, in keeping with that fall vibe, I thought I'd share some of my favorite colors from Pottery Barn's Fall/Winter seasonal palette from Sherwin Williams for 2015.  They're so cozy, it makes me want to go out and buy a plaid wool blanket, woven with all of their beautiful colors!

What I love about this palette is that the colors mix and match so beautifully.  Whether you incorporate them in the form of paint, finishes or fabrics, you can't go wrong.  It's like Garanimals for colors - yes, you could even apply these colors to your wardrobe.  So keep that in mind when you're reading this post - the colors don't have to be limited to just paint. Let me show you what I mean.

Take a look at how some of these colors are incorporated in Decor Chick's mudroom.

You can see here where the Iron Ore paint color is a beautiful contrast against the bright colors in the blooms in the vase here at Vintage Revivals:

Design Spaces

And here you can see all sorts of beautiful pops of color against the Iron Ore paint color as a backdrop.

The deep plum color of Cordovan, coupled with a rich orange can play out beautifully in your home as well.

This room really caught my eye.  So many beautiful elements tied together here!

The rich navy, mustard yellow of Alchemy and a hint of gray are another color combination that evoke a rich look.

These colors aren't exact (the walls are Naval, but the dresser is a different shade than in the palette above), but you can see how these shades work together in this adorable nursery.

How about a cozy bedroom?  Yes, please.

An office perhaps?  Remember, these fall colors don't have to be restricted to paint!  That leather chair is perfection against the deep navy walls and crisp white trim.

Gray and orange is probably my all time favorite fall color combination.  So classic and beautiful.

This warm and cozy teen bedroom at Just A Girl is one of my favorites.  I just love this combination of colors together.

I love this gray, orange and cream look in this pretty laundry room.

How about some gray and orange in an office? 

You know I'm a fan of this look - I incorporated these colors in my husband's office, that I shared here, here and here.

How about some deep plum and gray?  I would go light on the plum and lavender color, but they're beautiful accents to a lovely gray.

This room is a bit more subtle in its use of plum and gray together.  Gorgeous.

Definitely a soothing, more contemporary vibe.

Do you have a favorite?  Be sure to check out all of the colors in Pottery Barn's Fall and Winter Seasonal Palette.