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Friday 5+1 (5 Things I Love + 1 Thing I Don't)

Hello friends!

Happy Friday!  I feel like summer is getting away from me already, and I don't like it!  It doesn't help that we've gotten more than our fair share of rain lately - enough already!

It's been awhile since I've done a Friday 5+1, and I have been keeping notes on things that I've spotted, so that I don't forget them.  Not that I have memory problems or anything...

Tempest Torches
I spotted Tempest Torches in a local home design magazine and just love the coolness factor of these for outdoor spaces.  I guess these types of things are on my mind since we've been doing so much work on the outside of our house.  How cool would these be in an outdoor space for a party, or just unconventional lighting in general?

These torches are outside an amazing pool house that was featured in the issue.

What a cool statement for an entry!

I spotted this in a painting magazine (because I'm a geek like that), and thought it was a great idea for selecting a new paint color.  It's basically a clear 9x12 inch film that you use to apply your sample paint, which then adheres to the wall (lightly, of course).
They are available at Home Depot in packages of 3, 15 or 50 (for the really indecisive).  And the three pack is less than $3.00 - not a bad deal.

The Paint Brush Cover
I picked up one of these at Sherwin Williams, and thought I'd share since I know there are a lot of painters out there that will appreciate it.  Many times, I throw my paint brushes into a plastic baggie, but this product allows you to store your paint covered brush for up to several weeks without drying out or ruining your brush.  Brilliant, and super handy when you're working on a multi-day project.

My Stanley Expandable Toolbox
I mentioned that I'm taking on more cabinet painting jobs these days, and needed to get my tools and products organized in a way that also allowed me to transport them easily.  Enter awesome Stanley Toolbox (ala Menards).

It wheels around beautifully.

Oh the storage!

Fun Birthday Gifts
I was ordering invitations for our summer fish fry, and found these hilariously adorable coasters in the shop.  Nothing better than off-the-beaten-path gift ideas.

My +1 Thing I Don't Like
On Father's Day, my mom was taking a walk (no doubt to increase her Fitbit step count), and tripped on some uneven pavement, shattering her wrist.  The doctor said it's usually the kind of injury he sees in motorcycle accidents.  She had surgery on Monday and now will get a special pass to go through the airport metal detectors.

Luckily, she's tough, and seems to be taking everything in stride.  But, I'm losing her as my painting helper.  For now. :-(

Have a great weekend!


A(nother) Client Kitchen Makeover

Hello friends!

I hope you had a great Father's Day weekend and are ready to kick off a new week.  Much of our weekend was a wash out, but Sunday turned out to be a beauty.

I have been working on a steady stream of client projects, and this is one I completed a couple of months ago, but haven't shared yet.  I hope you all still find these projects interesting - I love doing them and seeing how they are transformed.  This was a fun one, because I went to school with one of the homeowners, Nikki, so it was great to see her and work with her on this project.  

This is one piece of the overall kitchen makeover puzzle - the stove will be replaced, and they are also choosing granite for the space, so it will be fun to see it all come together when it's completed.

Let's take a look at the kitchen before.  The cabinets were in great shape, just needed a little bit of a lift.

And here they are now:

Cabinet hardware is courtesy of D. Lawless Hardware.  It's so pretty!  The roped edge on the knobs and the pulls really works beautifully in here.

I love spraying maple cabinets - they look brand new with a fresh coat of paint.

I'm getting started on my next kitchen now - this is going to be another great one!

Have a wonderful day!