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One Room Challenge - A Girl's Bedroom Makeover


In keeping with getting a puppy this summer, I'm continuing my trend of doing crazy things this year.  After jumping into the Spring edition of the One Room Challenge and tackling my master bathroom, my daughter has convinced me to do it all again.  Except this time, it's her room.  Her birthday is actually tomorrow, so the timing of it all is perfect, and she is incredibly excited to get things underway.  A big thanks to Linda at Calling it Home for organizing the One Room Challenge, giving me the inspiration to tackle this project!

So, let's take a look at the room as it stands now.  I have to clarify that my daughter has rearranged this room more than once in just the past few weeks against my advice.  (Translation: She recruited her dad to do her dirty work).  She's a creative soul, and is always wanting to change things up, so I can't blame her for wanting to rearrange things.  

That said, bear in mind that she has put her personal stamp on the room at the moment. :-)

She apparently swiped some rugs from the bathroom to add to her floor decor.

Festive black ribbon on her dresser for Halloween...

And her bedroom door is tricked out for Halloween too - complete with cobwebs and some black and orange garland.

We have been talking about this room redo, and here are some of the things she would like to incorporate:
  • Artwork with quotes (a girl after my own heart)
  • Some pom-pom pillows
  • New bedding
  • Blinds that block out the light
  • A smaller dresser and a mirror
  • A space to organize her books
  • Organized areas for all of her stuff
  • Creative storage since her room isn't that large
This is going to be a fun project because Kate is typically very organized (she rearranges her closet when she gets bored), and I think she will really appreciate and keep up with the changes that we make to her room.

Some inspiration that has caught our collective eyes so far:





Let the games begin!  Take a look at all of the other crazy bloggers who have linked up their rooms and are taking the challenge.


House Stalker Home Tour of a High School Friend


You all know by now that I love home tours.  I have loved them for years, and don't expect it to change anytime soon.  And, if you follow my blog, I'm assuming you like them too.  So today, I'm sharing a home tour of one of my good friends, Kristin.  We've been friends since our freshman year in high school - we met in biology class, and were also in drill team together. Kristin is a beautiful person inside and out.

Her home is beautiful inside an out as well, and I'm sure you'll enjoy the tour.  Here is a quick shot of the exterior (we were actually leaving, and I almost forgot to take a photo!).

Once inside, there is a beautiful two-story entry.

To the left is the living room.  I love the wall color, large transom windows, and I think the rug is my favorite.

To the right of the entryway is the formal dining room.

If you head straight back through the entry, you'll pass a powder room.

Then the kitchen is in the back of the house.


Love those pretty glass cabinet doors!

The family room extends off the kitchen area.

Which leads outside to a screened porch.

And then from the porch, you can head out to this gorgeous pool.  It's like being on vacation.

Back inside, past the kitchen, there is a bright and cheery laundry room.

With loads of storage.

They also have this great bonus space, which was transformed into a study room for the kids.

Back in 2004, Kristin and her husband lost their sweet daughter Noelle, at the age of 4.  She was a healthy child, but a sudden illness took her life almost overnight.  This shadow box is hanging in the study room, with some of her favorite things.  She would have been 15 this week - a freshman in high school - same as my middle son.

Kristin and her husband have honored her memory with a memorial foundation in her name that has done great things.

I love this room!  Then, the door between the desks leads to her husband's home office.

Complete with more beautiful windows.

As we head downstairs, you'll find her oldest son's bedroom.  He was born a month after my oldest, so Kristin and I compare notes on "boy issues" and I feel like we live in a parallel universe sometimes.  Would you believe her son's grandfather built that bed?  And how about that putting green?  He's on the varsity golf team, so it gives him a practice area.

Lots of space down here to play and hang out.

Kristin said the ping pong table has been a huge hit and gets lots of use.

There's a great bar area down here too.  Interesting fact, the bar was made by the same people who made the "Cheers" bar.  There's a little emblem on it and everything (but my photo of it was too blurry).

As we head upstairs, here is a peek of her daughter's bedroom.  I love this room so much - the quilt (from TJ Maxx) is my favorite - such great colors.  And again, bed made by grandpa.

They recently redid her bathroom, and are almost finished.  Her daughter Tess picked out the wall color.

Then there is one of her other boys' rooms - love this room.  So classic (and clean!).

The boys share a huge Jack and Jill bathroom.

And then her other son's bedroom.  Yes, she has three boys, if you're trying to keep track.

Then there is the master bedroom.  You may be thinking that it's not overly large, given the size of the home.

That's because the previous owners took some space and extended into the master bathroom.

And created this HUGE master closet.

Then they have additional space off the back of the bathroom for even more storage.  I'm so jealous of this space.

This area, specifically.  Oh, the extra linen storage.  

I mentioned Kristin and I were in drill team together.  Here's a "Where's Waldo" quiz for you - can you find me in this photo? ;-)

Have a great day!