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Dresser Revival


I hope you're having a great week so far.  Today is the first day in nearly a week that we're back to a normal schedule.  Snow days, delays, high school exams and holidays have thrown the kids' schedule for a loop, so I'm happy to have everybody back in school.  

I have a new project to share that I completed last month, but in the holiday rush, never got around to it.

For some reason, it's reading a bluish gray in these photos, but the outer portions are actually painted Graphite by Annie Sloan.  The dresser top and drawers are painted in "Linen", also Annie Sloan.  I still need to wax it, but you get the idea.  I added new hardware from Hobby Lobby, and she's all styled up and ready to go.

The area that is cream colored was an accident, but I kind of like it, so for now, it stays.

I picked up this piece from Craiglist several years ago, and it shared it here when I first started blogging.  It started out looking like this:

You can see that the veneer was peeling pretty badly along the bottom drawer, so I removed it completely, painted it, and gave it a new lease on life.

And here it is now:

I painted it because I'm impulsive and got a wild hair it was starting to yellow a bit, and wasn't looking quite so fresh anymore.  I don't know though, after seeing Cassie's gorgeous coastal blue buffet, I have to admit, I'm so tempted to paint it again!  Isn't this stunning?  I'm such a sucker for beautiful shades of blue.

Today I'm off to shoot some photos for my new House Stalking series, and I can't wait!  One of the homes is from the "Naughty Pine House" - do you remember it?
The other one is a friend who recently completed a two story addition to her already beautiful home.  Fun stuff!

I'm also going to be sharing some different styling options for this dresser, just to give you some ideas for changing things up in your own home, by simply shopping the house.  It's amazing how a few changes can make all of the difference.

Have a great day!


Whole House Color Palette


I'm thinking with the changes that I've made here in terms of paint colors, that I should share an updated color palette with all of you.  Because we all love organized color palettes, right?  Right.

I thought it would be worth doing a little refresh of where they are and how they look in my home.

Mineral Deposit (an old photo, need to update!):

Revere Pewter:

Revere Pewter (walls)  and Velvet White (trim):

Cape May Cobblestone:

Ethereal Mood:

Sea Salt:

Crisp Khaki:


Aegean Teal:

Gentleman's Gray:

Natural Choice:

Where is Gray Wisp, you ask?  It's the color I've decided to use in our master bathroom when I tackle all of the drywall repair in there.  So, you'll have to stay tuned for that one.  But, putting on an official color palette means I've made a commitment, so that has to count for something. :-)

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