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Home Tour: Builder Grade Turned Custom


I hope you're having a good week.  Summer is getting away from me, and my kids are having anxiety attacks seeing the school supply displays in stores now.  While I love the routine of the school year, there is something to be said for lazy summer days.

A friend of mine is in the process of building their dream home for her family of six, which is sure to be gorgeous since she has amazing taste.  As part of the process, their current home is on the market, and I had to share.  Way back when, I gave you a bit of a Christmas tour of her home, but this will give you more shots of what a great home they've made it over the many years they've lived there.

They built their first home 17 years ago, and like many of us, when we buy/build our first home, we don't always have the money to turn it into exactly what we want at that very moment.  So, over time, we turn it into a home that truly reflects our personal taste and style.  This is the case with their home.  They started with a builder grade home, and over the years, turned it into a custom home.

I'll shut up now and get on with the tour - photos are courtesy of the real estate listing agent.

They completely overhauled their kitchen and turned it into an entertainer's dream.

To give you an idea of what it looked like before, I pulled a photo of a similar kitchen so that you can get an idea of how the space was transformed.  This isn't a before shot of her actual kitchen, but you get the idea.

It goes to show you what you can do to turn a builder grade home into something really beautiful.

In the family room, they added a brick accent wall to frame the fireplace.

The bookcases really add to the dramatic effect.

My friend is a business owner and mother of four (including a set of twins).  I think she could have a career as a designer, home stager or blogger.  She's always changing things up in her home, and I love seeing how she changes things up every time I'm there.

A pretty pop of color with some pretty wallpaper in the powder room.

A tranquil master bedroom... 

Complete with a great little nook.  Notice on the desk/dressing table how she's placed photos underneath the glass top.  So clever.

They updated the master bathroom as well.  One thing she showed me that I love, is that there are outlets included in the drawers.  Brilliant.

This is her twin boys' room.  To make more room for them, they extended the room over what used to be a two story foyer (notice the arched window in the corner).  Such a great way to add space to a home, and precisely why I'm not a fan of two story rooms like I used to be.  

A quick peek back at the foyer - you don't even miss the two story entry!

Her sweet girl's room.

The kids' bathroom got a bit of an overhaul too.

Their basement has space for everyone, with stained concrete floors throughout.

I absolutely adore this kid's craft room.  Isn't it fantastic?

And this room may very well be my favorite.  It's the grown up craft room, with furniture courtesy of the Ballard Outlet that you know is near and dear to my heart. ;-)  Everything has a place, and it is a space that would make any potential buyer swoon.

Another thing that they've done is move the laundry room downstairs, turning the former laundry space (the dreaded walk through laundry room off of the garage) into a mud room (which unfortunately, I don't have any photos to share).  Imagine built-in cubbies and shelves with hooks for hanging jackets.  ;-)

Their home went up for sale, had one showing and is now sale pending!  How great is that?  One less thing to worry about when you're building a new home and planning a big move.  Can't wait to share their new home with you - I know it will be filled with wonderful ideas and inspiration.

Speaking of ideas and inspiration - I'm headed to Homearama tonight.  Can't wait to share the eye candy from this tour of 10 gorgeous homes!


Getting Personal + Homearama Preview

Hello friends -

Sorry for dropping out of sight on an unplanned blogger break - this year keeps throwing curve balls at me, and it's wearing me out!  Normally I keep this sort of stuff to myself, but it's been building up, and sometimes sharing helps to ease the load.  

We headed out of town for vacation, and six hours in my van started overheating.  Again.  While we were stuck in a huge traffic jam on the highway.  The idea of being stuck on the road with three kids in tow, sent me into a panic.   My husband flipped on our emergency flashers and we managed to make it to the nearest exit and to a gas station before it stopped running (thank God).

However, while we were at the gas station trying to figure out what to do, I got a text from my dad that my mom had been fainting/falling and they were at the ER.  (Nevermind the fact that he had been trying to call/text well before I received this text - highly frustrated with my phone and its disappearing text tricks).  While there, it happened several more times, in front of doctors, while she was on monitors.  Essentially, her heart was stopping and restarting, at one point flat lining.  My dad said they had the paddles nearby and a shot of epinephrine, which fortunately, they didn't have to use.  I finally got in touch with my dad and the hospital staff was telling him that we should come back.  They were putting in a temporary pacemaker.  Say what?

So we turned around and drove back to see my sweet mom in the cardiac ICU with a big old goose egg of a bump on her head, and several other bumps and bruises to match.  Suffice to say, we were all pretty freaked out.  My mom is a healthy woman - thin, stays active, eats well.  She's literally never been in the hospital.  She was born at home (and I'm adopted), and has never had any health problems, so this was something that was highly unexpected to say the least.  Just the day before she was at my oldest son's baseball game.  Thank goodness she was at home when this all happened and not driving or far away from a hospital where she could get the help she needed.

After seeing her and talking with my parents, apparently, pacemakers are quite common nowadays, and the procedure is minimally invasive and safe.  She was in good hands and we decided to continue on with our vacation plans (we were also meeting up with my brother-in-law and his family).  So, a trip that should have taken 12 hours, ended up taking about 24 hours.  The upside is that we were able to swap my van with my husband's SUV and put our worries to rest about the car breaking down (although after we put coolant in the radiator, we didn't have any issues).  Mind you, the first time this happened, the auto shop couldn't find the origin of the problem, and I hadn't had any other issues since.

My mom is doing beautifully now that the permanent pacemaker has been put in, and our biggest challenge will be slowing her down, as it's just not her natural state of being.  Fortunately, my dad is up to the task.

So, as you might imagine, it's been an emotional and exhausting "vacation" week, with the week before vacation is always a mad dash of activity as well.  I'm hoping to get back into a blogging rhythm of some sort, and I appreciate your patience.

On a design note, I am still planning on hitting Homearama this week before it ends.  So many beautiful homes on the tour this year!

It's looking like it will be another impressive show this year!


A Beautiful Lake Home Color Palette

Hello friends!

As you all know, I love color palettes, and am always on the lookout for new ones - especially when it comes to a whole house palette.  While I love that open floor plans as a popular trend in homes, they can really make color planning tricky.  So, the more resources I can find, the better!

This lake home is a beauty from the start.  If I were to build a house, this is a style that I would have on my list.  And check out the gorgeous window box outside of the garage windows!

The light and airy vibe continues on the inside with a fresh mix of colors in sandy hues.
Traditional Living Room by Grand Rapids Architects & Building Designers Sears Architects

The grasscloth wallpaper and soft blues in the chairs carry on the light and bright feel of the home.  So welcoming and comfortable.

The family room is stunning, with its coffered ceiling (and beadboard insets), with loads of natural light through beautiful transom windows (and a view to die for!).  Perfect.

I wasn't able to obtain the wall colors in this home, so I'm going to take some guesses and provide some color options for the look of this home.

The color of this family room could be Revere Pewter or Edgecomb Gray.
Revere Pewter

Edgecomb Gray

This little nook carries elements from other areas of the house, with the beadboard ceiling and fresh blue paint color.  The flow of the colors in this home really works, as it carries colors used in the furniture pieces and accessories throughout.

This space reminds me of one of my favorite colors - Silver Sage (Restoration Hardware) or Gray Wisp (Benjamin Moore).
Gray Wisp

The wet bar in this area (I don't think it's the same nook as above, but I could be wrong) also carries over the painted beadboard on the wall, along with a butcher block counter that brings in the wood tones of the ceiling.  And the fish painting is a perfect compilation of the colors used in this home.  Love it!

The kitchen is fantastic.  Again, beadboard on the ceiling, light and bright cabinets, with a slight color contrast in the lower cabinets and island.  (The island and lower cabinets are Gray Horse by Benjamin Moore).  Ooodles of natural light streaming into all of the beautiful windows, and a soft green on the walls.  

The island color is Gray Horse, by Benjamin Moore.
Gray Horse

The wall color resembles Raindance, by Benjamin Moore.

Check out the unexpected ceiling detail, and I love that they carried the paint color up to the ceiling in here.
Traditional Kitchen by Grand Rapids Architects & Building Designers Sears Architects

The master bathroom is an absolute retreat (notice the tile detail on the floor).

The guest bath is equally fresh, with subtle stripes on the walls (and more beadboard) that tie in with the color palette used throughout the home.

The bedrooms all evoke a tranquil, coastal feel.  I could get comfortable here, couldn't you?

The bedroom reminds me of Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore.
Palladian Blue

I think this bedroom looks similar to the Gray Wisp that's used in other areas of the home.  Maybe a shade darker - like Benjamin Moore's Imperial Gray.
Imperial Gray
Even the laundry room ties in with the home's color palette - beadboard ceiling, beautiful green toned cabinets and sandy floors and walls.

This laundry room looks like it's a shade similar to the family room.  Edgecomb Gray, or something along those lines.

Do you love these light and beachy colors as much as I do?  I could have these colors move right into my home!