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2015 Color Forecast - Sherwin Williams


Even though I know we're trucking our way through the summer, it's hard to believe that I'm seeing color trends pop up for next year already.  But, I love paint colors, so you know if Sherwin Williams gives a color forecast, I'm going to check it out (and share it with you).

There are several color palettes to choose from - plenty to appease any taste or style.  There are colors that I love from each palette, but I'll bet you can guess which one I like the best.  Pick your favorite!

The colors in the Chrysalis palette are muted and neutral, giving a cool casual vibe.  I could see these colors working together in a home with an open floor plan, and love how you can mix and match them so easily.

Roycroft Mist Gray is a beautiful neutral gray/taupe in this palette.  I'm guessing this is one of those colors that is really versatile with the changing light of day.

Here it is again in a sunny hallway.  Beautiful!

Black Fox is awfully sharp on this accent wall.

The colors in the Voyage palette are bold and rich, and I'm particularly drawn to the blue hues - Seaworthy, Riverway and Watery.  Right up my alley.

Riverway is so striking in this office space.

Watery has been out there for awhile, but it's another pretty blue hue, working well with dark and white woodwork.

It gives a totally different vibe in this space, doesn't it?  Still, so fresh and pretty.

The colors in the Bouyant palette get a little brighter and more daring.  

I could see these colors intermixed in a room, with furniture and fabric.  Maybe Sedate Gray, Coral Reef and Cape Verde in a room?  A room like this brings these colors to life - beyond just paint.

Here is another home that emulates the colors in the palette, in ways that you might not immediately think of by looking at the colors individually.  

You don't need to go crazy with color for it to have an impact.  I love this coral island - this kitchen would have a completely different feel to it if it had been painted another color.  Add the fun pottery pieces on the open shelving and the teal detail on the lights, and BLAM - it's just fun!

The colors in the Unrestrained palette live up to their name.  But again, think of these colors in terms of accessories and fabrics, not just painted walls.  If you go just with paint, you immediately think of a circus, right?

See?  No circus here.

Sometimes you just need to look at these palettes through a different lens.  This room is so sweet, incorporating the white, orange, blue, turquoise and black.  But it's soft and sweet, not at all overwhelming.

What do you think?  Do you have a favorite?  While I love the colors in the Chrysalis palette, I'm certainly drawn to the other palettes when the colors are used in fabrics, artwork and accessories.  It's tough to choose just one!


Outdoor Entertaining + Organizing


We're having a big fish fry at our house in just over a week, so outdoor entertaining has definitely been on my mind.  Not to mention getting the garage organized, the house pulled together, etc...  But, since I expect that the majority of the party will be outside (weather permitting), my focus has been on making it an inviting outdoor party.  

In order to make sure we have our bases covered for rain or excessive August heat (even though it's been a relatively tame summer), we've rented a tent and tables to accommodate our guests.  I'm hoping to add my own touches to make it pretty and fun.

Source: Reluctant Entertainer
 I love the idea of adding some burlap to the tables, and adding some flowers-
Source: Green Tea Design
I could put my Mason jars to good use with some of these ideas.
Source: Unknown
Source: Indulgy
I wish I had an old canoe like this one to utilize as a help yourself cooler.  How cute is that?
Source: Rustic Wedding Chic
Since we're planning on putting the tent out in the front on the driveway (since that's where the action will be), I have been in a panic about the state of my garage.  It's turned into that one room in your home that you decide to tackle, only to walk away feeling overwhelmed and stressed.  Yes, that's exactly what I've been doing.  But, ideas like this do help calm me down a bit.
Source: Listotic

Something like this would be great for storing large pieces of scrap wood or PVC pipes.  I happen to have both of these items in my garage, and they are just plain awkward to store!
Source: The Family Handyman
I have another garage organization idea that I've implemented to tame all of the balls that we seem to accumulate.  I'm all about getting things off the ground, as that seems to be key in getting the garage organized.  Brilliant!  Designed to Dwell has it going on!
Source: Designed to Dwell
So, I copied leveraged her work, and made one of my own.

While I'm excited about our big fish fry party, I have to admit that I feel like I've been preparing for it all summer (or at least thinking about preparing for it - does that count?).  It's stressful - especially with a party of this size.  It's going to be a biggie.  

Expect me to be a raving lunatic next week.  Consider yourself warned.


Homearama Week - Day Five!

Happy Friday!

Wrapping up the tours today with three homes to share!

The Villa Maribella
Price: $1.3M
Square Footage: 7,500 sq. ft.
Builder: Justin Doyle Homes

You all know how much I love window boxes - these are stunners!

Once inside, this home had a definite darker feel to it in comparison to some of the others.  Stained woodwork, darker color palette, etc...

Family room (not a great shot, I know).

Powder room - 

Master bedroom - 

Master bathroom - this tile didn't do a whole lot for me.

The office felt like it was ten years old, and I'm not sure what was going on with that window valance across the bay window.  Didn't make sense to me.

The basement made up for some of the things I didn't care for upstairs - great media room.

And a basketball court.  Oh, the use this space would get if I had it in my home...

The kids could play, and I could watch them through the window. :-)

There were bedrooms down here also, and this one was a big hit with the little girls - a "Frozen" themed room.  

This shot better depicts the colors.  My daughter would have gone crazy.

The other kid's room was done in a camp theme, complete with tree swing, campfire...

And a fort...  Cute, but a bit over the top for me.  I just kept thinking about how the tire swing was an accident waiting to happen, and how difficult it would be to dismantle this room once your child outgrows it.

Back upstairs, I snapped a quick photo of the kitchen (and caught them by surprise apparently). ;-)

A hearth room of some sort.  Pretty, but the space was very dark overall - too much for me.

Great craft room in this home - they even did a bulletin board in a sliding barn door style.

You could do some great creative work in this space.

The La Maison des Reves
Price: $1.3M
Square Footage: 5,700 sq. ft.
Builder: W.V. Destefano Homes

A pretty dining room as you enter the home - 

With what appeared to be a stenciled ceiling - my neck hurts just looking at it!

The tour took us around the corner to the master bedroom - 

Master bath -

And then we headed to the basement.

I really liked the media room in the home.  The lighting was perfect, and it was a cozy room without having the media seating you see so often.

Back on the main level, we saw the family room - really light and bright with a huge wall of windows, and a gorgeous fireplace.

Rich, wood-toned kitchen.

And a lovely breakfast nook - I really loved the window treatment in here.

Great pool too.

Upstairs, there was a great lounge area.  Love the punches of orange in here.

Kind of a college dorm vibe.

A pretty bedroom - 

 A couple of cute boy's rooms - 


On the way out - a peek at the laundry room - 

And now for the final home of the tour (sad, I know).

The Bella Vista
Price: $1.7M
Square Footage: 7,000 sq. ft.
Builder: Hensley Custom Building Group

This home as an impressive exterior, that I loved immediately.

 Instead of an office area like we saw in many of the other homes, this one was set up as more of a den.

The dining room was across from the den.  

Straight ahead was the family room.

Then we headed to the master bedroom.  This could be a great space, but I really don't know what they were thinking with the paint color in here.  Definitely doesn't give off that tranquil vibe that all of us crave at the end of the day.

But they did have a HUGE shower.  This is only half of it.

Kid bedrooms upstairs - 

Not feeling the colors in here.  The purple doesn't jive with the cabinetry, and is making it look yellowy.  But I do see a laundry chute over there - love that touch.

On the way to one of the other bedrooms, there is a space for telescope viewing.

And a lounge space across from it.

This is another room where I wasn't feeling the color palette.  The hot pink zebra print with the purple walls just doesn't feel right.  But I love how they've incorporated window seats in the girl's rooms.

We made our way to the basement - 

While I'm not a home schooler, this room would be fantastic if I was!  Heck, I'd love it anyway.  A giant whiteboard wall - brilliant!  (And it appears as though this was whiteboard paint from the looks of it).

Along with desks, windowed study rooms and even built-ins.  Love this.  Definitely something I've never seen at Homearama.

Back upstairs, we got a peek at the kitchen.

Which opens to the family room.

As we made our way out, we came across this Pantry of Awesomeness.  Have you ever seen anything like it?  The storage - open and closed - perfection!

I could be an extreme couponer with a pantry like this.

All of that pantry awesomeness, and then an amazing mud room too?  Shut. up.

And lockers for school stuff.

We finished the tour outside, with a pretty outdoor entertaining area.

Along with a pool.  Not to shabby.

I hope you have enjoyed the tours as much as I have.  I look forward to it every year, and these tours have been a blast to explore.

Do you have a favorite?  I'm having a hard time choosing!

A recap - 

Have a great weekend!